Sunday, October 24, 2010

Before You Vote

If you haven't read these two posts of mine from July, please do so before you vote.  They contain my thoughts on what has gone wrong with our country and how, on November 2nd, we can begin to get back on track.

1.  The Decline of Liberty
2.  A New Hope 

Also please check out this very recent post of mine for a quick look at my decision process for deciding how to vote.

3.  Voting for Freedom

To understand the historical basis, and why I view all of this the way I do, please read this post:

4. Basics of American Philosophy

Our American vision of individualism and freedom has been the beacon of hope to the world.  Do not be fooled by Obama's false hope of servitude and uncontrolled governmental power.  Help to return America to a place where people can breathe free, unencumbered by a vast and controlling bureaucracy.

Vote against those who would expand government into every aspect of our lives.   Vote for those who will restrict government power.

Gateway to the West - David Wright

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