Sunday, October 24, 2010

Voting for Freedom

I use some basic rules to determine how to vote:

First of all the federal government has exceeded its Constitutional mandate.  It does way too much already.  If governmental power were reduced to only what is allowed by the Constitution, the budget would be reduced to a level where you could probably run it on donations.

State and local governments are similarly bloated.  Let them run the schools and courts, and fix the roads, and pay the police a decent salary, and you can probably run the whole mess on a half of a percent sales tax, with no property tax at all.

So I vote "YES" on anything that restricts governmental power or reduces the amount of money it gets.  I vote "NO" on anything that gives them more money or power, including tax increases, bond issues, increases in the mil levy, etc.

I always vote all the judges out.   They tend to see themselves as an aristocracy above the people.  They should be changed frequently.  

We got into this situation because of a basic problem with democracies.  Politicians get elected by promising more and more benefits to the people -- first a chicken in every pot, now health care, food, and a house for everyone.  (That last caused the 2008 economic collapse that we are still fighting.)  Add responsibility for keeping everyone safe from anything that could possibly happen to them (i.e. all the unconstitutional government agencies), and you get a government that is totally out of control.  It consumes the wealth of the nation, and continues to amass more and more power every year -- while acting as an enormous drag on the economy.

We do not primarily lose our rights by the government taking them from us, but by allowing the government to assume our responsibilities.  It is thus that government grows to invade every aspect of our lives.

So please do not vote for politicians who promise to do more.  Instead vote for those who say they will do less.  Much less.

Knowing human nature, I suspect that the population will continue to vote for the government to do more and more, until a crisis hits where the government cannot meet its responsibilities, and a general collapse occurs.

But we have a chance now to pull away from this Obamadisaster.  Let's do it!

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