Saturday, July 3, 2010

A New Hope

Frequently, I end my blog posts with this simple question: “If Obama wanted to destroy the United States, what would he be doing differently?”

My contention is that his behavior is perfectly directed toward such destruction. Whenever there is a choice, he always picks the solution that will later result in the greatest problem for our country. He is building a backlog of issues that, as they come to fruition, will again be “solved” in ways that engender even greater disasters later on. This is the Alinsky-Cloward-Piven cycle. Crises and their “solutions” are used to mold public opinion and add to governmental power. The public sees larger and larger problems arise, then they clamor for more and more governmental control, until the whole system is overloaded. The economy crashes, and normal business grinds to a standstill. And then the capitalist system, having “failed”, is replaced by a completely government-run economy of “social justice” and equal pay.

Here is a possible scenario for the health insurance “crisis”, and how it will likely play out in the future.  Health care was suddenly defined by the media and the administration as a horrible problem, requiring a government solution.  A law was passed (Obamacare) that takes effect over several years, but has a tax that starts immediately.  Its likely result will be increased health care costs (more people in the system, plus more inefficiencies due to bureaucracy), and restrictions on what the insurance companies can charge. This will set up desperate monetary losses for the insurance companies by 2014, which will occur amid accusations that they are trying to use “loopholes” to “take money from poor people who deserve health care”.  The new crisis will be "solved" by setting up a program that provides very inexpensive government health insurance. The old insurance companies will not be able to compete.  They will fail, and the government program will then be expanded to take over payment for all health care in the US. The quality of care will decline. Innovation will decline. R&D for new drugs and procedures will be eliminated to cut costs. There will be no motive to create anything new. People will clamor for the take-over of the drug companies and all of health care by a new government agency. “Capitalist greed” will be blamed.

Now extend this to every “public service” industry. Then, to every business in the US. People are not satisfied. The government can never provide the number and quality of products and services that were available in the past.  People want more and more and more from the government, thus setting up the ultimate crisis. Freedom and capitalism are then branded as “unsustainable in this new era of limits,” and vast new regulations are implemented.  Our whole system of government, now grown into a vast overloaded monster, falls and is replaced.  We all become serfs in a feudal “utopia”.  Welcome to the Brave New World.

Supporting this path are Obama’s efforts to diminish US power in the world, allow foreign courts to have sovereignty, restrict the military so they can be defeated, encourage the rise of Islamic law, and destroy the dollar and our whole financial system.

Obama’s presidency is a steady and purposeful march to destruction.  In the coming 20 years, as you see failure after failure, increasing in severity, do not blame it on “greed” or “capitalism” or “unsustainability”.

Blame will rest on us all, for abandoning freedom and looking to the government for solutions to every “problem”.

Blame will rest on us all, for listening to the propaganda of the media.

Blame will rest on us all, for freely electing our own destroyer.

But we still have a choice. We still have hope, if we leave this path and undo what Obama has done.  Rollback government takeovers and controls.  Reduce the power of government.  Return to the Constitution, which really only gives the government the power to have a military and a court system.  Cut the government down to size, so that taxes can be reduced. Reject government funding and government “help”.   Let the people themselves be responsible for their own states, and cities, and neighborhoods.  Encourage charity that builds relationships and communities, not government payments that isolate people, making them dependent on an impersonal system.

A fork in the road is ahead.   In November, we can move off this path to destruction, and choose a new path to freedom and prosperity.

A new hope will come with change.

 Yeah, and same to you buddy.

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