Sunday, September 19, 2010

Obama as the Destroyer of the Modern World


Most people think Obama is a socialist or a marxist.  They miss the truth.  He is actually a feudalist.  By imposing punishing taxes on anyone who makes more than $250,000 a year (or is it $150,000, or perhaps $75,000?), he is systematically destroying the freedom that, over the last 250 years, has created the modern world where people actually have plentiful food and shelter.   He is destroying the engine of human wealth, and replacing it with handouts from an all-controlling government.  As Victor Davis Hanson says:
Once again, in [Obama's] peasant view of a limited world, wealth is finite: If we have three-car families, people in a basket case like Zimbabwe pay for our excess by having none. To suggest that Zimbabwe’s problems are entirely its own doing, and are not connected to post-colonial trauma or to exploitative wealth creation by the West — and that with radical social, cultural, political and economic changes Zimbabwe could easily be another Switzerland (which lacks Zimbabwe’s natural resources) — is to reject almost all that Obama has learned from his teachers and friends, and as an astute navigator in the world of identity politics.

I wonder how far down the road to feudalism Obama can take us without serious consequences. The world economy, burdened by Obama and other feudalists like him, is already unsustainable.

A singularity approaches.  The golden goose is being tortured and killed before our eyes.  If we implement the feudal, confiscatory tyrannies of Africa in our country, we will be as poor as Africa.

Obama's father-figure and mentor from age 10 to 18:  Communist/Pedophile/Cocaine-Dealer Frank Marshall Davis, whom Obama calls "Frank" in his book "Dreams of My Father"

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