Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bushehr is the Turning Point

Now that the Russians have fueled Iran's Bushehr reactor, it is off-limits to Israeli or American strikes.  Any attack would spread radioactive materials, contaminate a large area, and potentially kill thousands of civilians.  So it is now a safe zone.

As reported by Debka:
"Iran has begun secretly moving some of its most sensitive nuclear research facilities and materials from North Tehran and the Arak heavy water plant to huge storage areas around the newly-fueled reactor at Bushehr, along with advanced missiles from the southern province of Khuzestan....  Already on Aug. 22, Iran’s National Security Council discussed exhaustively how best to take advantage of this immunity and the large storage depots the Russians had built around the reactor for their heavy equipment to hide their most secret projects, weapons and materials. Their six-hour session produced a detailed plan which was submitted to supreme ruler Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who is commander-in-chief of Iran’s armed forces. He gave it the go-ahead on Aug. 26."

It makes sense that Obama allowed the Bushehr reactor to be fueled, if the following is to be believed.  His family, several generations back, may actually have been from Bushehr:

"Dr. Andy Vashol, from the research institute of MIT university says according to his research team Obama is Muslim from south of Iran. As he says, Obama’s family are the same family who were living in Bushehr during the Qajars’ dynasty time. Then they were forced to leave Iran and in few generations they came to U.S.A. His forefather, Mir Hassan khan Obamaee was one of the famous Mirabs in Bushehr (Mirab is a person in charge of water)."
Regardless, Bushehr will now be Iran's primary site for nuclear weapon and missile development.  It is the foot in the door that will allow Iran to become a nuclear and ICBM power, thus leading to the re-founding of the Caliphate, the destruction of the Jewish people, and Iranian rule of the Mideast.


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