Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Path to the New Caliphate

Have you noticed how our media is portraying the riots in Egypt as "freedom and democracy vs. the 30-year dictatorship of Mubarak"? In a White House press conference yesterday, I heard one reporter ask why we continue to support Mubarak and "other dictators", and why we give Egypt $1.3 billion annually.  No response from Robert Gibbs, because quite clearly the Obama administration is indeed against Mubarak, and supports the rioters.

They are of course engaged in peaceful protest.  The word "riot" is never mentioned.  

The administration, and CNN, NBC, and the other networks, are trying to get the US people to see the rioters as "freedom-fighters" fighting the good fight for truth, justice and the American way. 

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact the rioters are the vanguard of the Islamic Revolution, financed and backed by Iran through Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.  They are ISLAM, seeking the establishment of an Islamic state in Egypt, with full Sharia Law, and the banning of other religions (including the banning of the entire idea of secular government that Mubarak stands for).

ABC News showing everyone how the US is responsible for tear-gassing the Egyptian rioters

If the government of Egypt falls, and if Mohammad Al Baradei comes into power, as looks possible, these methods (already successful in Tunisia just a few weeks ago) could serve as a model for the overthrow of the governments of Jordan, Yemen, and even Saudi Arabia. There are similar demonstrations today in Jordan and Yemen.

 Yemeni demonstrators 29 January 2011

According to STRATFOR today:
"The Egyptian police are no longer patrolling the Rafah border crossing into Gaza. Hamas armed men are entering into Egypt and are closely collaborating with Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood (MB). The MB has fully engaged itself in the demonstrations, and are unsatisfied with the dismissal of the Cabinet."

I hope you all know that Lebanon's government was overthrown just a few weeks ago by Iran-backed Hezbollah. It was reported mostly in the foreign press.

And in another very poorly reported story, Iraq's new government, installed in December, is another success for Iranian perseverance. Over the past two years, Iran was able to install politicians and mold Iraqi public opinion to the point where they were able to get a Shiite-biased government installed in Iraq that is strongly anti-American and pro-Iranian.  I predicted it here.

We are seeing rapid advances on the path to the New Iranian Caliphate.

Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and even Tunisia are all in the Islamist camp. Soon, we could have Egypt and Jordan. Then Turkey, Saudi, UAE, Kuwait, and Oman would be next.

Imagine a nuclear-armed Persia, ruling all of the Middle East, allied with strong Islamic movements around the world -- a billion people willing to die for the destruction of the hated Americans and their hated secular western civilization.

If the Islamists win in Egypt, I fully expect to see the destruction of virtually all of the old Egyptian monuments such as the Sphinx, Abu Simbel, and any other depictions of people or gods -- just like they blew up the giant Buddhas at Bamyam.  As Afghan Foreign Minister Wakil Ahmad Mutawakel stated in 2001,  "We are destroying the Buddha statues in accordance with Islamic law and it is purely a religious issue". The only remaining ancient Egyptian art may be whatever survives in western museums.

And presiding over the destruction of the Enlightenment is Mr. Barack Obama. Looking back, years from now, people could very well say, "This was the moment when American power began to recede. This was the moment when America lost its way. This was the moment when America begin to die."


  1. Oh, you mean like the Babylonian ruins in Iraq... wait a minute.

  2. Iraq hasn't been taken over by Islamic fundamentalists yet. And the ruins that have been preserved/reconstructed in Iraq are just buildings. I figure the pyramids will likely survive in Egypt because they are not depictions of humans or gods. And they are really big and difficult to destroy. Thankfully, western museums hold at least some Egyptian antiquities. A Tutankhamen collection is currently touring the US, and is thus safe. But then again, I have always felt that digging up artifacts takes them from a safe location (underground) and makes them subject to all sorts of risks. A civilizational collapse (such as might occur in a nuclear war or if Islam were to take over the world in the next 50-100 year) could destroy everything that has ever been discovered -- it could even destroy all the records of history. Civilization is fragile. A new Dark Age is always a possibility.

  3. scott, Islam is the religion from Allah. And Allah is the One who created you. How can you speak such things about Islam? Islam was the religion that your soul declared before you came in this world and now you speak against it? You and I and everyone will leave this world and meet Allah and believe me, you don't want to go back on your word, that you will believe and worship only Allah and not the American Government.

  4. What does Islam, a religion of Peace, have to say about mixing meds?

  5. Responding to "dquestion": As an American, I look out on the Islamic world and see primitive people locked in a religion that tells them to commit murder and other horrible crimes against humanity -- particularly against women. At first I thought that such things must be isolated perversions of what I saw as one of the great desert religions. I figured that there must be a distinction between "radical" Islam and what many people call the "religion of peace". So, after 9-11, I bought a Quran, and read it; studied it. I was shocked. I realized then that indeed the murdering kind of Muslim is the "correct" Muslim, according to the Quran.

    In the United States, we are free to believe as we wish, and to worship as we wish. You may believe whatever you want, say whatever you want -- and I will actually defend your right to do so. But it is wrong -- it is a sin -- to force others to believe as you do, and commit violence against them.

    Unfortunately, the foundational text of Islam spells out that infidels must first be asked to submit, then if they do not, they must be killed (Sura 9). This makes Islam an outlaw religion, with no rightful place in the world.

    Islam needs a reformation. Unlike the Christian Reformation, which was a return to the foundational text (the Bible), an Islamic Reformation must actually change the Quran. The only way I see this being accomplished is through a new revelation. Islam needs a new Muhammad.

    Unfortunately oil wealth and technology have allowed the evil jinn of Islam to have power in the world. I am somewhat hopeful that in 50-75 years, when the oil is gone, the jinn will go back to infesting only a few wandering primitive tribes.

    But more likely is an ongoing clash of civilizations that will eventually result in either the death of Islam, or the death of western civilization.

    Unfortunately, Islam is firm of purpose, plans its struggles over long time periods, and is fueled by the fervor of self-righteousness. Western civilization is self-doubting, not given to sacrifice, and inherently tolerant of other beliefs.

    Where Islam miscalculates, is that once aroused the United States has shown that it can completely destroy any culture that truly threatens it.

    A big dustup is on the horizon.