Friday, February 12, 2010

A Candidate I Could Trust

I would vote for a Presidential candidate that said this:

“Well, I am realistic. I don’t think I can make much change at all in Washington. Presidents just don’t have that kind of control – nor should they. I will work to make sure the country is defended. I will work to make sure that your rights are defended. But I have no plans for costly major initiatives. What I will do is attempt to block pretty much all new laws, and encourage the repeal of old ones. In this way, by the end of my term, I hope that government will be less powerful, less costly, and less obtrusive – and the people more free to go about their business without worrying about the government messing with their lives. That is my intent, and I will work toward that end. No guarantees though. I do not anticipate a second term, because re-election is all about accomplishments – mostly meaningless, or worse than meaningless accomplishments, in my opinion. I don’t plan to have many real accomplishments, except having the government do somewhat less that it is doing now. Hopefully.”

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