Saturday, August 20, 2011

Global Warming is a Con

The release of the “ClimateGate” emails almost 2 years ago showed conclusively that the idea of Global Warming is managed and propagated by a group of about 30 climate scientists spread over several countries. They call themselves “The Team”. They have defined an orthodox body of belief that if questioned is defended vigorously, and they control the publication of climate-related scientific papers through the peer review process, using the threat of blacklisting to pressure publications who accept skeptical articles.

The science itself is poor at best, and actually is fraudulent in many areas, being based predominantly on computer models that have been shown to be poor predictors. Actual temperature measurements and the analysis of them has been shown to be exceptionally flawed, from tree-ring studies based on only one tree (used to create Al Gore’s Hockey Stick chart), to fraudulent fiddling with trendless raw thermometer data to artificially produce an apparent severe global warming trend, to the siting of temperature measuring stations near hot asphalt, hot air conditioner exhaust, building roofs etc – and the removal of rural stations in preference to stations in cities and on airport tarmacs.

Multiple motivations exist:
  • The billions and billions of dollars in government funding for climate research, regulation, and green energy
  • The prestige among peers and the world in general
  • The desire to bring down the mighty and have power over the powerful
  • The desire to create a new order ruled not by businessmen or politicians, but by "enlightened scientists"
  • The satisfaction that comes from believing you are fighting evil and saving the world
  • The belief that the modern technological world is unnatural, and therefore bad.
  • The belief that the problem of Global Warming can only be solved by a World Government, and is thus the perfect vehicle for creating one.
  • The hatred of capitalism because it creates rich people
  • The hatred of consumerism because it uses resources
  • The hatred of individual freedom because individuals make bad choices for the planet
  • The desire to control people and make them believe as you believe – by force of law
  • The hatred of Americans for consuming resources while the world goes hungry
The idea that the whole planet is being destroyed by capitalist businessmen, and that the world can only be saved by creating a world government with wide-reaching powers to make everyone equal, while going back to an Eden-like existence, is an exceptionally strong meme with certain scientists, NGO’s, politicians, and grass-roots activists. They have long wanted to create the New Environmental Man, who curiously enough is just about identical to the old New Communist Man.

Money plays a role with the NGOs too. Most people don’t realize that Greenpeace has invested its donations heavily in European green energy companies. Greenpeace lobbies for green energy, and then profits when the governments subsidize it. Their profits are tens of millions of dollars now, but the Greenpeace coffers will fill with billions of dollars in the next 10 years as nuclear and coal plants are torn down, and green energy costing ten to twenty times more than fossil fuel is mandated.

Follow the money. Literally 100’s of billions worldwide are being spent on "climate research" and green energy. The skeptics are pretty much all self-funded. No wonder there is a “consensus” for global warming.

Big Green is set to make Big Oil look like pikers. While Big Oil had influence in government, Big Green will essentially run the government. In the future, all politicians will have to be climate believers.

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