Monday, March 21, 2011

Infrared (IR) Thermal Heat Map Images of Fukushima Daiichi

Japanese NHK TV showed these images today (22 March in Japan). Some areas are supposedly 128 degrees C. They also mentioned a core temperature, but I must have heard it wrong. I thought I heard 300-some degrees C. Can't be right.  Black smoke has been coming out of reactor 3.

NHK TV image

Fukushima Reactors 1 through 4 in false-color IR.  Blue and green are cool, orange and red are hot, white is very hot

Closeup of Reactor 3

Reactor 3.  The building appears to have been almost totally destroyed.  I can't imagine that the spent fuel pool is intact.  It is located fairly high in the structure -- and there is nothing left much higher than the surrounding low buildings.  I wonder if the reactor vessel top has been crushed or broken off.



  1. When did No 3 get this bad? Looks like more damage than after the initial explosion, no? Just as we wrap our heads around the severity of the issue, more info is made available and the situation continues to escalate. I hope, more than I can say, that this situation is resolved soon, before even more people are affected and further environmental devastation occurs.

  2. No 3 uses Plutonium-239, half-life of 24,0000yrs., multiplied by 10 half-lives and this stuff is going to be around for 240,000yrs.
    It seems that the building is slumping, it appears to stand quite a bit lower. I feel for the locals. They've got to contain this dam thing somehow!

  3. The spent fuel pool is in the lower left of each of these reactor building photos. I would suspect that the pool on number 3 is compromised, either leaking or a wall/dam is missing, causing fuel to be exposed. This causes the high temperature seen there. It looks like they got water into number 4's pool, and thus cooled it down. Numbers 1 and 3 however have additional hot spots in the center of the building -- right where the reactor drywell containment top plug sits. Looks like a drywell leak, with hot steam squirting out of the sides of the plug's o-rings in numbers 1 and 3. Number 2 has an unknown problem, which we can't analyze because the roof is still on. But the roof is hot, and with the suspected suppression torus leak, hot steam is likely escaping from there, and perhaps the spent fuel pool too.

  4. The spent fuel pool is almost certainly intact. What you are seeing in these photos is the top 1/3 of the building - in every one of these photos, the bottom 2/3 is obscured by the same hill. You can see that hill clearly if you look at other photos of the plant taken from the opposite angle. In the cutaway diagram, the part of the building that's blown off is the part above the actual containment room - you can even see the dividing line between rooms on the diagram. (You can match up the height of this line on reactors 2, 3 and 4 in one of the photos above - the ceiling of the containment room is still intact, or at least appears to be from these photos.) There is some debris hanging down below this line on the outside of the building, but the spent fuel itself is far below this line on the interior of the building.

    Steam is no doubt escaping from the spent fuel pool, but that's a separate issue that's unrelated to whether the pool is intact or not.

  5. You fear mongers, you... So what if it got to 300°C? Its a friggin nuclear plant, ffs!... What dyou expected it to be in the mid 70°F with cool breeze at around sunset? Temperatures on your suv's motor can reach 500+ °C... CNN even shows an "expert" who says its well over 1000°, just by lookng at these thermal images, while he sits on the other side of the world... Pff

  6. Paul said...

    It's beyond fear this thing has the potential to poison life for miles and miles. That smoke is some of the nastiest crap on the plant. I recently heard they've asked China to ship over one of their high rise cement mixers. What happens when you pour neutralizing cement on hot fuel rods?

  7. AFAIK they used the "high rise cement mixer" to pour water there. Pouring concrete is both too early and counterproductive at this stage...

  8. Yes, I believe they are using the concrete pump as a water pump.

  9. I posted a quick analysis of damage with respect the spent fuel pools in 3 and 4 here

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  12. Could they just drop a nuclear bomb on it? That out to make the problem go away. It makes everything go away.

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