Monday, October 4, 2010

Israel and Iran and the Mideast

With the recent Iranian military incursion into Iraq, and the extensive support of Shiite insurgents, and a veiled threat to help form the Iraqi government (since the Americans failed at building any kind of coalition), Iran is looking to forge the first conquest of the New Caliphate. See the latest little blurb below.

I also note an enormous number of Iranian diplomatic initiatives in the last month (not reported in the major US media, but available in the Iranian and Gulf States media, as well as STRATFOR). Now that Iran has their reactor, and no one can bomb it without causing a radiological incident, all the countries in the region are meeting with the Iranians to improve relations. Iran is now the big cheese in the region. "Everyone else is number two." Even Sri Lanka sent a delegation recently.

Iran will take it slow, especially with tons of US combat troops still in Iraq. (Obama lies about that, by the way.) But their intent is clear: Iraq will be a part of Iran sometime in the next 10 years, Israel will be destroyed, and the Caliphate will rule the Mideast.

There is not much anybody can do about it without a war, and our leader is not about to start a war, especially if nukes are involved.

We had a window to attack the facilities in the summer of 2008, but Bush decided not to take it, mostly because he was afraid that starting a war and sinking the economy would put Obama in power.  He should have done it. 

I really believe it is too late to do anything to stop Iran short of nuclear missiles. A conventional attack would be ineffective long term -- and maybe even short term. But I doubt that Israel has the guts to fire off their Jericho II's and III's. Once Iran has their own nukes and missiles, it will be too late even for that.

Unfortunately, now is the time to put together a plan to move yourself, your family, and your business out of Israel, and indeed out of the Mideast. You may have a couple of years yet, but if it were me, I'd go now.

In ten years, even Europe will be at risk.


October 3, 2010


Iranian Ambassador to Iraq Hasan Dana'ifar said there may be "security repercussions" in Iraq if the formation of a new Iraqi government is delayed, Al-Sharqiya reported Oct. 3. Dana'ifar said any country that interferes with the formation would be insulting the Iraqi public, and said Iran does not have a specific candidate it is backing for prime minister.


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