Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Enemies of the National Academy of Sciences

On 21 June 2010, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published a paper describing global warming skeptics as inexperienced in the field of climatology.  The paper has supporting information referencing a web site of one of the authors with full details and rankings of scientists who are not to be trusted.

It amounts to a "blacklist" of skeptical scientists that are traitors to the new religion of global warming.

The noted physicist and mathematician Freeman Dyson is number three on the list.   He is one of the creators of relativistic quantum field theory, but since he is "inexperienced" in climate science, he must be silenced.

Most of the blacklisted scientists are indeed not climate scientists, but many, like Freeman Dyson, are wide-ranging intellects that have made contributions in numerous fields.  Indeed, many are noted specifically for their knowledge of history, psychology, epistemology, and for studying delusional movements in the history of science.

I am of the belief that when a small closed priesthood is in control of all peer-reviewed climate papers, a group of  "inexperienced" outsider-scientists are exactly what we need.

And I would take Freeman Dyson over a bunch of glorified weather forecasters any day.

Another one of these skeptics, Frank J. Tippler (blacklist number 38), has written an article calling attention to the blacklist and his role in debunking global warming.  Here is an excerpt:
As for myself, I’m a cosmologist, with a special interest in the anthropic principle, as my National Academy of Sciences security police dossier correctly notes. Twenty odd years ago, I co-authored a book, published by Oxford University Press, on the anthropic principle. As my co-author and I pointed out, the essence of the anthropic principle is eliminating human bias from the interpretation of observations, and we focused mainly on eliminating such bias from cosmology.

But human bias is human bias. I myself have looked at some of the raw data from surface stations that measure the Earth’s temperature.  The raw data are from selected sites in the USA, in New Zealand, in Australia, and in Sweden. I selected these sites because I’m reasonably sure they will not have bias due to changing human habitation, or human wars, or human politics. These sites show no warming in the twentieth century. So I have to conclude that we don’t even know if there was any warming on Earth in the twentieth century.

Notice that I am not saying that there has been no warming, just that the available raw data that I’ve personally been able to check do not show it. Until all the raw temperature data are placed online, so the data can be checked by anybody, a rational person has to suspend belief in global warming, to say nothing of AGW [anthropogenic, i.e. human-caused, global warming].

The official government adjusted data for these sites do show a warming trend. All the warming is in the “corrections.” Sorry, I don’t buy it. Especially from “scientists” who are known to “correct’ their raw data to “hide the decline.”

There have been calls to silence the 496 scientists on the list. Besides “climate deniers,’ we have been called “traitors.” We all know the penalty for treason.

Read the whole article here.

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