Tuesday, June 22, 2010

When Your Health Insurance Premiums Go Up, Blame Obama

As part of ObamaCare, the government was given the power to tell insurance companies what they could do. In accordance with the new law, a "patients bill of rights" will be defined and implemented this year.

But it has never been revealed exactly what will be in it.

A full list is planned to be announced today, after meetings at the White House with insurance company CEOs. It is anticipated that lifetime maximums will no longer be allowed, that cancellations will not be allowed for any reason if the patient is under the care of a doctor, and that policies will not be denied on the basis of pre-existing conditions -- among who-knows-what other things.

All of this costs money, so the insurance companies have already been raising rates to get a little bit ahead of the socialized medicine curve. The new law also gives the government the power to tell companies what rates they can charge, but the bureaucracy for doing that isn't in place yet. (A whole new government organization needs to be created and staffed with an estimated 20,000 adjusters, managers, etc.)

The whole point of the law is to make health insurance prohibitively expensive, send some CEOs to jail for trying to be profitable, and have the whole system collapse so that the public will clamor for a completely government run plan.

It is just another example of the Obama implementation of the Cloward-Piven/Alinsky process for societal change via orchestrated crises.

Obama and his cronies will blame the big bad CEOs and the horrible insurance companies and their "obscene" profits for the problems. They will argue that only the government can be trusted with health care.

They are creating the crisis on purpose to replace freedom with Marxism.
To break the Cloward Piven cycle, just remember that Obama and the other Democrats, not the insurance companies, will be the ones responsible for the upcoming heath insurance disasters.  And the government can never be trusted with anything.

Communist and pedophile Frank Marshall Davis, Obama's close mentor and "father figure" from age 10 to 18, would be proud.


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