Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spain's Green Economy is a Disaster

0bama has referred many times to Spain's "green economy" as a model for what he wants to do in the US. But according to a leaked report on Pajamas Media, it has created a huge budget deficit and the loss of 2.2 jobs for every job created. Each of these created jobs has cost approximately $800,000.

In short, Spain's showcase green economy is an economic catastrophe, and is contributing greatly to their sovereign debt crisis.

 Advanced Sterling-Cycle Solar Energy Systems in Spain

Economic laws are real. If you disrupt the workings of a market, be prepared for very negative results. Electricity generated by windmills and solar panels costs many times more than electricity generated by coal, oil, natural gas, or nuclear.  If you force inefficient energy technologies into an economy, the whole economy will become less efficient. Since energy is an input for every product, costs for all products will skyrocket, and the economy will decline. If you subsidize the inefficient technologies to make them appear to cost the same as or less than regular sources of energy, then the deficit will increase, taxes will increase, and we all become poorer.

And, as Spain's experience has shown, if you base your whole national energy plan on such a "mandate for change", your whole economy will fall in a heap.

The natural consequences of breaking economic laws simply cannot be avoided.  But Mr. 0bama's entire set of economic policies is based on breaking economic laws.

For more on monetary conflicts of interest and malfeasance with "Big Wind" and "Big Solar" in the 0bama administration, and the involvement of George Soros in promoting the 0bama plan to impose a green economy on the US, check out this and this.  Remember, as I pointed out here, that George Soros's primary goal is the destruction of the US -- and that he is the money behind 0bama.

Once again, I must ask:  If 0bama wanted to destroy the US, what would he be doing differently?

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