Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sanctions and the Upcoming Destruction of Israel

Mr. Barack Hussein Obama set a deadline of 31 December 2009 for Iran to start cooperating with us on their nuclear program, or face sanctions.  Note that this was not a deadline to stop working on nukes, just to start talking.

Ahmadinejad refused.  Not only did he say no, he said hell no.  The consequences from Mr. Zero were, well... zero. No sanctions, no attack on Iran's nuclear plants.  Nothing at all.

There are no sanctions forthcoming because China, Russia and Brazil all oppose them.  Even our European allies are iffy.

Representative Mark Kirk of Illinois sponsored a bill to ban US exports of gasoline to Iran, but it is stuck in conference committee because the Obama administration opposes it.  And even if it were to be miraculously made into law, China is already supplying all the gasoline Iran needs. (Iran has very limited refining capability.)

So actually, based on his actions and not on his words, Mr. 0 opposes sanctions too.

As former UN ambassador John Bolton said today, "There's simply no explanation for the administration's behavior ... other than they are prepared to acquiesce on a nuclear-capable Iran.  Even their rhetoric has changed, as they begin to prepare people for essentially the inevitability of a nuclear Iran."

Bolton said the U.S. faces two scenarios at this point: Either Iran gets a nuclear weapon, or Israel conducts a military strike to wipe out its capability.

But Obama has placed our Aegis warships in the head of the Persian Gulf so we can shoot down any Israeli missiles or aircraft on their way to Iran. It is like he wants Iran to develop nuclear weapons and is protecting them from any sanctions or military action.  Where are his loyalties?

If Ahmadinejad is the new Hitler, who is Obama?  Certainly not Churchill or Roosevelt.

It should be pointed out that Obama is not an African black.  His name, his father, his relatives, and his upbringing in an Islamic environment all show that he is Arab.  He is not the first black president.  He is the first Arab president.  
His actions confirm that he identifies with the Islamic cause.  Everything he is doing in the Mideast appears to be designed to further the expansion of Iran and cause the complete and utter destruction of Israel and the Jewish people.

We have really declined as a nation in the last 70 years.

For example, I think the US citizens of 1940 would have been smart enough not to have elected Goebbels to be the President of the United States.

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