Friday, April 23, 2010

The Weakening of the United States

Early in his administration, Mr. 0bama canceled the already-promised NMD missile interceptors for Eastern Europe saying new intelligence showed that Iran would not have long range intercontinental ballistic missiles until 2020, if ever.

Then, a couple of months after his announcement, Iran launched one. They have now unveiled the Simorgh, which would likely be able to hit the US with a single warhead. The path such a missile would take to get to Washington DC would be right over Eastern Europe. The alternative SM-3 interceptors 0bama is offering to Poland do not have the capability to go high enough or fast enough to knock down an ICBM in midcourse.

Then Mr. 0bama reduced the number of interceptors at Fort Greeley, Alaska. These are designed to protect us from North Korean launches. I don't see the North Koreans becoming any more tractable. They are still working on bigger and better missiles, and have demonstrated nuclear bomb capability. The Nodong-2 could probably reach the Pacific Northwest and Northern California right now, maybe further.

Then Mr. 0bama canceled the Airborne Laser program, eliminating our only way of knocking down missiles in their boost phase before they deploy countermeasures.

Now, he has essentially acquiesced to a nuclear capable Iran. He has no intent to do anything to stop them from acquiring nuclear weapons and ruling the Mideast. And he has placed US forces to stop Israel from any attempt at saving itself from complete annihilation.

Oh, I forgot to mention that he also canceled our entire manned space program.

Again, I must say:

If 0bama intended to destroy the United States, what would he be doing differently?

Is it naivete, or is he doing it on purpose?

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