Monday, March 1, 2010

Schizophrenic Daffodils

From Louise Gray, Environmental Correspondent, UK Telegraph, 9 February 2010, faithfully quoting a press release from the "Centre for Ecology and Hydrology": 
The season [Spring] can now be expected to arrive a week and a half earlier than it did in the mid 1970s, the wide-ranging study of plant and animal behaviour found.  Daffodils now commonly bloom in January and swallows can arrive in February rather than March.
From Andrew Hough, Actual Journalist, UK Telegraph, 1 March 2010:
Spring will be delayed up to a month....Britain's Arctic winter was officially declared the coldest in 30 years as parts of the country were lashed by gale force winds and torrential downpours.  For those celebrating St David Day on Monday [1 March], there will be a noticeable absence of daffodils as the country's growers say the cold snap has left their crops a month behind schedule.

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