Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Mideast: Solutions that Create Larger Crises


I don't understand the world community's hatred of Israel.

Hamas launches thousands of rockets into Israeli cities, Israel attacks them back and then is roundly condemned even to the point of being formally accused of war crimes.  Israel builds houses in their own capital city, and Hillary and Mr. 0 use it as an excuse to stop providing them support.

Mr. 0 wants Israel to make peace with the Palestinians by giving up land -- land that once it is occupied by Palestinians will be used as rocket launch pads and terrorist staging areas.  He criticizes Israel for building houses on their own territory, while making no comment about the Palestinian television programs teaching their children to become suicide bombers -- and naming streets and town squares after famous terrorists (or as they say, "martyrs in the war to annihilate the Jews and the US").

Lawmakers in the US who are Jewish are questioned in the press about their objectivity and their support of Israel.  But it is considered racist to question Obama's family ties to Islam, his upbringing in an Islamic country, and the potential impact of that on the foreign policy of the US.

Israel has given up land, and has offered even more land for a Palestinian state, but that is not what the Palestinians want.  As Shmuley Boteach says:
War between the Arabs and Israelis has raged for six decades because the former have always sought to destroy the latter. Israel has made endless concessions only to see its citizens die.

I don’t see you making peace with the Taliban in Afghanistan, Mr. President. So why do you insist that Israel  reach an accord with a Palestinian Authority that won’t even control the terrorist organization Hamas, whose stated goal is the annihilation of the Jewish state?
And now we hear that Obama has canceled the delivery of precision penetrating munitions to Israel, evidently to keep them from attacking Iran. (This is why the bombs went to Diego Garcia, as I had mentioned before.  They had originally been intended for Israel.)

Hamas rocket parts recovered in a town in southern Israel

Interestingly, Mr. 0 is using the same strategy against Israel that he is using against the US economy and against the US health care system:  Create a crisis, then solve the crisis in a way that precipitates an even larger crisis in the future, eventually leading to his final goal.
  • Institute a health care system that makes people even more dissatisfied.  Burden the health insurance companies so they collapse, then claim that capitalism has failed.  Socialize all medical care.
  • Burden the US economy with housing and lending rules that encourage the making of poor loans, then when it collapses, use stimulus to create a false economy that doesn't solve the leverage problem, while creating a massive deficit.  Blame greed.  Add more rules as a further burden.  When the economy collapses again, claim that capitalism has failed.  Socialize banks and investment firms.
  • Force Israel to give up land.  Allow Iran to develop nuclear missiles.  When the Arabs overrun Israel, claim that the Jews just did not make enough concessions for peace.  Israel is destroyed.
It is sad to think that the only free country, the only democracy, in the Middle East has been abandoned by the United States.  We are pushing them into a corner to be destroyed.  There seems to be no way that Israel will survive the Obama presidency, unless they break from the US and  launch a full scale ground and aerial war against Syria, Hamas, and Hezbollah, and attack the Iranian nuclear sites with nuclear-tipped Jericho missiles.

Failing that, or something similar, I do not believe that Israel will exist in 2020.  It is starting to look like a new Holocaust is in the works.

Women of the Israeli Defense Force

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