Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Cumbersome Apple iPad

When I first saw Steve Jobs waving it around, I laughed out loud.  "What a clunky, old-fashioned looking piece of junk."  My opinion still holds.  The clueless name, the gigantic size, the thickness are all awful.  Worst of all is the thick black border around the thing -- apparently just to make it bigger than it needs to be.

The present size of the iPad makes it no better than the MacBook Air.  Worse actually, since the Air is thinner, has no big black border, has a real keyboard, and was actually designed by somebody who knew what looks nice.  It is always bad to have two products that compete -- especially when the previously introduced product is tons better in every way.

How about something the size of a Blu-ray case that is all screen and no border? It would then fit into some of my big jacket pockets at least.

The idea is to have something with more utility than the iPhone, and more portability than the Air.  The iPad doesn't do it.

I found this to be particularly amusing:


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