Tuesday, March 2, 2010

California Town Shuts Down Free Doughnuts

As an update on my previous post, I offer the following additional example of government food control gone wild:
For more than a dozen years, the B&B Do It Center in Camarillo, CA, has been offering free doughnuts and coffee to customers. Not anymore....

Inspectors told Collins that unless he was willing to install stainless-steel sinks with hot and cold water and have a prep kitchen to handle the food, he was violating the law.  “The state health and safety code talks about food regulations,” said Elizabeth Huff, manager of community services for the Ventura County Environmental Health Division. “Anybody who handles food is subject to the regulations....[W]here the public has access to food, permitting is required."
I guess coffeemakers in break-rooms throughout the US will all have to be junked.

And don't even think of bringing in doughnuts to work.

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