Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bunker Busters on the Way to Diego Garcia

The Herald newspaper in Scotland reports that 387 "bunker buster" bombs are on their way to the US airbase on Diego Garcia island in the Indian Ocean. The Herald previously reported in 2007 that the stealth bomber hangers on the island were being equipped to accommodate bunker busters.

A shipping company in Florida, Superior Maritime Services, was contracted in January to carry a large number of military supplies to Diego Garcia, including 195 BLU-110 1000-pound bombs and 192 BLU-117 2000-pound penetrator bombs. Both can be used with JDAM guidance kits to provide smart accuracy.

JDAM Warheads (image USAF)
(From top: MK 84, BLU-109/B, MK 83)

Diego Garcia was used to launch attacks on Iraq
during both the 1991 and 2003 Persian Gulf Wars

Despite the headline of the Herald article, these bombs are not the big "bunker busters" people usually refer to.  The true "massive ordnance penetrator" or MOP bomb is a 30,000 pound precision-guided behemoth, that, according to Wikipedia, is still in development and will not be available until December 2010.

Our military is getting prepared.  But the weakest link is Mr. 0.

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