Thursday, March 11, 2010

Biden Fails in Israel, Gates Immediately Called to Riyadh

Debka reports the following.  No mainstream media confirmation yet.
US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates arrived in Riyadh Wednesday, March 10, flying in unexpectedly from Kabul in Afghanistan, after the Saudis demanded urgent clarifications of the Obama administration's Iran policy.  DEBKAfile's military sources report that the demand followed the failure of US Vice President Joe Biden's talks with Israeli leaders to resolve their differences on Iran.

Reports of the Biden conversations in Jerusalem Tuesday have reached Riyadh. They reveal that not only is the Obama administration leaning hard on Israel to abstain from attacking Iran, but is even retreating from harsh sanctions. Such penalties have now been put on hold for five months.

The Saudis are as deeply alarmed by the latest American stance on Iran as are the Israelis.
In September of last year, there were reports that the Saudis had authorized Israel to use their airspace for a "go-it-alone" attack on Iran.  But it is always a mistake to think the Saudis are on "our side".  They are on their own side.  Sometimes, maybe even quite often, their desires line up with ours.  But as Chico said about Harpo...

"You gotta watch him a little"

I still think the reason Obama has sent our Aegis-capable guided missile cruisers and destroyers to the Persian Gulf is not to attack Iran or defend oil tankers against Iranian attack, but to shoot down Israeli nuclear missiles.  Mr. 0 seems almost as determined as Ahmadinejad to destroy Israel.


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