Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Arctic Has Recovered -- Sea Ice at Normal

According to the US National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC), the Danish Meteorological Institute, the Japan Space Agency (JAXA), and the Norwegian Remote Sensing Experiment, Arctic Sea Ice is above or nearly above average.

So much for global warming, melting of the polar caps, polar bears dying of the heat, and associated total nonsense.

The official global warming models predicted that the decline of ice in 2007 (which was caused by unusual wind patterns pushing ice to lower latitudes -- not by warming) would cause a "death spiral" where more open ocean would cause more heating, leading to an ice-free Arctic in 2008.  When that didn't happen, they "corrected" their prediction to 2013.  I wonder what they will say when that doesn't happen either.

The NSDIC shows a trend that, if continued, should bring
the ice above normal in a couple of days

The Danish Meteorological Institute shows Arctic ice extent at the
highest level in their six year record.

JAXA shows more sea ice than any other year in their
nine year record on today's date.

The Norwegians also show Arctic Sea Ice above normal.

And what is happening at the South Pole?  Let's take a look:

Not much change in the last two years (source: Cryosphere Today)

Significant positive trend in Antarctic ice extent, November 1978 through
December 2006 (source: Comiso and Nishio, 2008).

We see a decades-long trend of increasing sea ice at the South Pole and a multi-year recovery at the North Pole that bring sea ice coverage to normal or above.  But the latest IPCC report (AR4, released in 2007) states, “Sea ice is projected to shrink in both the Arctic and Antarctic under all SRES scenarios.”  Real measurements of world temperature, sea ice, and just about anything else, never seem to match their computer models, do they?   It is a "travesty" that global warming scientists can't account for.

As one of the creators of Global Warming (Prof. Phil Jones, shown at left) admitted recently, there has been no statistically significant global warming in the last 15 years.

So why exactly do the UN and the IPCC want the power to institute worldwide taxes to fight global warming?  Why do they want the United States to implement severe limits on our oil and coal consumption?  Why do they rail against capitalism and the consumer society of the US? 

I'll leave those questions for you to figure out.


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