Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why can't we all just learn interpretive dance?

Why is it that modern liberalism is called “progressive” when its philosophies are drawn from failed communism, medieval feudalism, and various aristocracies throughout ancient history?  I would think that conservatism with its emphasis on individual liberty, and strict limitations on what government is allowed to do, is truly progressive.  Maybe the conservatives on radio should start referring to their shows as “Progressive Talk Radio”.

I am particularly irked that the health care proponents say that they have been working for 60 years, slowly fighting the unenlightened all that time, in order to achieve the final inevitable goal of universal free health care.   Why is it that universal free health care is seen as part of the inevitable ennobled future?  I see it as just another step to  the decline, fall and breakup of the United States.

I have heard liberals say that “human rights” include the right to have food, the right to have medical care, and the right to shelter.  The first one is already done:  The government will provide food to anyone who wants it.  "Free" medical care is close to being implemented.  All it will take to implement the “right to shelter” will be a couple more engineered real estate crises. (One is coming in 2011-2012, by the way, due to a payshock caused by resets on ARMs during the next market crash.)

When my food, my medical care, and my home are paid for by the government, I really don’t need a job anymore.  I plan to spend my days fishing and playing the native American flute.  I assume that everyone else in the country will also quit their jobs, stop farming, etc., and then take up painting, writing poetry and learning interpretive dance.

It will be a progressive paradise.

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