Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow, Blizzards, and Global Cooling


Once again we are looking at another monster storm for the northeastern US.

I think it is funny that Al Gore and his ilk used to say that Global Warming causes a lack of snow, and that by 2010, children in places like the US and the UK would very rarely or never see snow.  Now of course, with a snowy northern hemisphere winter that is similar to those seen during the 1800's, they are saying, "Of course, global warming causes more snow."  I imagine that if we get very little snow over the next couple of years, that will also be caused by global warming -- as it was 10 years ago.

If global warming caused more moisture in the air, perhaps we could get deeper snows in the north where it was still cold.  But the snow extent is increasing, not just the depth.  The world is significantly colder, not just snowier.  Take a look at this chart of last week's records from NOAA.  The snow line is to the south, and record cold is in the south, as it has been all winter, and last year, and the year before that.

According to Rutgers University data through mid February, northern hemisphere snow extent has been increasing generally since 2003.  As one commenter on said,  "Dear God! How long do we have before Global Warming pushes the snow line down to the equator?

In early February, North American snow extent broke an all-time record, and the whole northern hemisphere extent was the second highest on record.  To get this increased extent, southern areas have to be colder than average.  Though Al Gore would have you believe otherwise, a colder globe is not consistent with global warming.  None of their models predict what is occurring.

The snow in in the northeast is fairly consistent with the observed El Nino pattern except that this winter has been colder than a typical El Nino winter.  By the end of the summer, the Pacific will likely go into its cool phase -- which should make next winter drier and evern colder than this one.

Good luck out there, and stay warm. 

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