Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lake Erie Frozen Over

For the first time in 14 years, Lake Erie has frozen up.  I know that the true environmental faith states global warming causes more snow and less snow, and more hurricanes and less hurricanes, and more drought and more flooding, but I draw the line when they say that global warming causes the earth to be colder.

I also note that the snow line has been moving farther and farther south over the last decade.  This is also not indicative of global warming.  More like an upcoming ice age maybe.

Snow Departure Map 13 Feb 2010 -Rutgers Global Snow Lab
Red areas are where snow should be but is not
Purple areas are where snow is and should not be

And look at the trend on the next chart which shows December snow cover since 1965.  One can safely assume that when there are extra land areas covered by snow, it is occurring to the south of where it usually is, because areas to the north are already covered.  Things are definitely getting colder.

If you believe the warmistas, the further the cold and snow spread to the south, the more it all indicates a warming earth.  I suppose that during the last ice age, when the snow line really went south, we must have had a whole bunch of global warming.  How did the polar bears survive?

As my old friend Jim Mizera used to say, "I wouldn't mind a new ice age at all.  The hunting was very good back then."

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